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A few weekends ago myself, Si and a few friends jumped in the car and set off early for a day trip to Bruges. Only an hour from Calais, we arrived slightly later than planned (thank you Euro Tunnel) but parked in the centre and spent the next hour or so discovering the beauty of Bruges

bike in bruges.jpgBruges streets.jpg Bruges streets.jpg vesper in bruges.jpg
My dream ride

building fronts-bruges.jpg bare trees in bruges.jpg buildings in bruges.jpg walking round bruges.jpg selfie bruges.jpg
It would be rude not to ;)

church in bruges.jpg bruges rivers.jpg bruges river.jpg boats and river.jpg
Wandering the beautiful rivers, before finally sitting down for lunch

beer in bruges.jpg drink in bruges.jpg
Ciders in mugs?!?

lunch in bruges.jpg
and a simple quick lunch, making sure we made room for some desert

caramel waffles.jpg
I went for caramel

slagroom waffles.jpg
and Si went for the traditional 'Slagroom' Waffle

chocolate shop.jpg chocolate shop bruges.jpg

After browsing all the chocolate shops we sat down for an afternoon of people watching and beer drinking (although I had to opt out of that one) and watched the world go by.

After attempting a few snaps and a cheeky fast food burger purchase, it was time to make our way home.
We arrived home at 10pm with our bellies full and smiles on our faces and already planning the next road trip...

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photobomb bruges.jpg

So long for now Bruges



yummy breakfast in LA LA breakfast tea gjelina takeout

I miss LA

Like really miss it. It probably doesn't help that I have watched a bizzilion 'Hills' episodes over the past few days, and I am growing increasingly jealous of the amazing weather and all those palm trees. Anyway I am going to revisit my trip to LA in a bit more detail starting with my favourite little cafe on Abbott Kinney. We popped in early one weekday morning to grab some breakfast, before going down to Venice Beach. I am a sucker for cute little places, with open kitchens, bare wood and simple menus so this place was right up my street. I also love how the menu choices are so different to what we have in England. Everything seems just a little more exotic and grand rather than a plain old fry up, but I suppose it's just what we are used to. 
We ordered quickly, I chose a couple of varieties of toast and Si opted for the egg muffin, we grabbed some tea and joined everyone else in their morning routines in the sun outside.

So LA.

 Gjelina Takeout - 1429 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291



La Choza

Mexican food is my new obsession.
For some reason I have only just realised I can actually handle spice, so I now find myself being more adventurous with my food. Chorizo now seems to be high on my list, alongside lots of cheese and guacamole.

So this past weekend after a morning walk we stopped off for a light lunch, at La Choza in the Brighton Lanes. I had heard great things about it, and the smell alone had as hypnotised into walking right in.
In amongst the mis-match of colours and decor, which I loved by the way, we sat down and the breakfast specials were excitedly read out and we couldn't help but look at each other with anticipation about how amazing they sounded. A group next to us proceeded to tell us they are back for the 3rd week in a row and we had to try the Chorizo breakfast (which in fact has a much cooler mexican sounding title, but I can't remember what it was called!)

After excitedly adding it our order of a spicy beef burrito to share, we waited patiently for our food and in no time at all we were tucking in and nodding 'hell yeahs' in between bites. Our light lunch actually turned out to be very filling, so we left we big smiles and full tummies and even happier with the price.

You can find La Choza behind Kensington gardens in the lanes, you won't regret it.

La Choza-menu La Choza-mexican street food La Choza-brighton La Choza breakfast LA CHOZA- BURRITO

La Choza // 36 Gloucester Rd, Brighton



The New Club The New Club- Brighton The New Club, Brighton pulled pork sandwich-The New Club Brighton mac and cheese- The New Club Brighton

On Sunday morning Si and I braved the gale force conditions and went into town before we started getting cabin fever. I think it was only a few days since I had actually left the house, but that's a few days too long in my opinion. It wasn't quite the seafront stroll I had anticipated, but after nearly being blown away we took cover in a relatively new establishment, The New Club on the front itself. Just sitting down in time for lunch we ordered quickly as our stomachs were rumbling and delved in to a naughty feast of goodness (there is no diet resolution in this house) We honestly weren't hugely impressed, but it had a nice vibe, the food wasn't hugely over priced, and if it's a nice day you can look out onto the sea. So we may just give it another go in summer.

The New Club/ 133-134 Kings Road, Brighton, BN1 2HH



adventure is waiting

With a new year and a new lease of life it's time to start planning and thinking of all the adventures we are going to take this year, however big and small. We are planning a few jaunts abroad and I am currently deep in internet research to figure out where this will be. But we are also planning to explore and take random road trips around sussex and the south coast, because I forget to appreciate the amount of beautiful places we have just on our door step.

So 2014 we are coming at ya!

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